English Shortened Words On Tv Shows Title

Pradnya Paramita Dewi


This study deals with the English word-formation process that is focusing on word shortening: clipping, blending, acronym, and abbreviation. Furthermore, this study is aimed at identifying the word types, creation, and development as well as the meaning of the new shortened words, the most shortened words produced, and the reasons for creating shortened words as vocabulary development. This study uses a qualitative research design to describe the study's problems. The data are in the form of TV Shows titles for the last fifteen years which use shortened words. The program was aired between 2005-2020 on TV channels and Streaming Media Services. The data are presented in the form of a table. The results of the study show that the creation and the development of shortened words are varied with the most productive form being an abbreviation and followed by the other forms namely blending, clipping and acronym respectively. There are various types of shortened words on each form. Some reasons are identified for making the words shorter. 1). It is more efficient and saves time in speaking; 2). It is more interesting and eye-catching; 3). Reducing the mispronounced words. In conclusion, shorter TV Shows title with unique creations can help the audiences to remember them easily. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31316/eltics.v7i1.2164


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