Retraction Policy

Retraction Policy

The Journal of Biomedical Engineering Science and Technology (JBEST) is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ethics. The journal follows the COPE Guidelines for retracting articles

An article may be retracted when the published work’s integrity is substantially undermined due to errors in the study’s conduct, analysis, and reporting. Violation of publication or research ethics may also result in a study’s retraction. Some of the reasons for retraction include:

  • Fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism of data or results
  • Duplicate publication or redundant publication
  • Misconduct or unethical behavior by authors, reviewers, or editors
  • Serious errors or flaws that invalidate the findings or conclusions
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights or legal issues

The decision to retract an article is made by the editor-in-chief or associate editors, in consultation with the editorial board and/or external experts. The journal may also consider requests for retraction from the authors, readers, institutions, or funders, but the final decision rests with the journal.

The retraction procedure is as follows:

  • The journal will publish a retraction notice that explains the reason for the retraction and cites the original article.
  • The retraction notice will be linked to the original article and vice versa.
  • The retraction notice will be clearly identified as such in the title and the text.
  • The retraction notice will typically include a statement of assent or dissent from the authors.
  • The original article will be marked as retracted, but a PDF version will remain available to readers.
  • The original article will be removed from all indexes and databases where it was previously listed.

The journal aims to retract articles as soon as possible after the decision is made. However, the journal reserves the right to make any changes or modifications to the retraction policy as deemed necessary by the editor-in-chief or associate editors.